Become a Contributor

Become a Contributor

Forex Trading Hunters is always looking for independent writers who are experts in the fields of capital markets and trading to contribute to our news, forecast and opinion sections.

Why Forex Trading Hunters?

By contributing to Forex Trading Hunters , you will benefit from Forex Trading Hunters  audience and network reputation, strengthening your own brand name.

Contributors will receive a dedicated profile page that will display all of the articles they produced forForex Trading Hunters, providing the contributors with the opportunity to build strong branding either as an individual or under the contributor’s brand.

Under their profile page, contributors are able to highlight their expertise, company brand, published content and more.


  • Field Expertise – Proven experience in covering capital markets and relevant education are required.
  • Exclusivity: Exclusivity is required.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Plagiarism: Only original content may be submitted. Plagiarised articles will not be accepted and Forex Trading Hunters  reserves the right to suspend authors with any works that are proven to be plagiarised.
  • Content: For publications to be considered, we recommend that submitted articles are concise, while we will require articles to be circa 500 words. Shorter contributions may be considered when deemed appropriate. Forecasts should provide individualistic content enhanced with graphics including, but not limited to charts, video and/or audio sections.
  • Quality: We recommend that contributors review and edit articles before submission, with any articles that have incorrect spelling or grammatical errors requiring significant editing likely to fail our minimum standards. In such instances, articles will not be published.

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