TickMill Broker Review

TickMill Broker Review







from 100 USD
As low as 0.3 pips
Currency pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, CFDs and Precious Metals, Stock indices
WebTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5,
Funding methods:
Bank Transfers, Credit/ Debit Cards, E-wallets Neteller, fasapay, UnionPay, dotpay, NganLuong. vn (only for clients of the Tickmill Ltd Seychelles) with available currencies USD, EUR, GBP, PLN

Review Summary

Founded in 2014, TickMill is a global online forex and CFD broker. It is regulated by several regulators globally, including the tier-1 UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As such, it is considered a safe online broker. The broker is driven by innovation and unique experiences for traders.


Fees on TickMill vary depending on the account type. On the platform, there are three accounts, which are the Classic, Pro, and VIP accounts. For the VIP and Classic traders, the pricing is competitive with those offered by the best brokers in the industry.

Classic Account
With a Classic Account, there is no commission charged for trades. Instead, traders only pay the bid/ask spread. Average spreads using this account tend to be higher compared to using the other two account types.

Pro Account
With a Pro account, there is a per-trade commission added to lower prevailing spreads. With the low commission rate, a Pro account is ideal for most traders when compared to a Classic Account. The reason is that spreads are inherently lower, and there are 75 instruments that include 62 currency pairs accessible via this account.

VIP Account
The VIP Account is very similar to the Pro account. However, there is a difference. The VIP account has a minimum balance requirement of $50,000 to trigger the low commission of $1 per standard lot of 100K units or $2 per Round-Turn (RT). When it comes to the Pro account, the pricing is similar with an RT commission set at $4 per round-turn standard lot. With a Pro account, you need to make a minimum deposit of just $100.

The spread is around 0.13 pips for the Pro Account for the EUR/USD pair, while the all-in cost is around 0.53 pips when the RT commission equivalent of 0.4 pips is factored in. It is worth noting that TickMill records spread data during normal market conditions, during times of narrower spreads.

Active Trader Discounts
There are three tiers for active traders on TickMill. Rebates begin at $0.25 per standard lot for up to 1000 standard lots a month, to as much as $0.75 as tier-3 for those who trade over 3001 standard lots a month.

Regulation and Fund security

TickMill is regulated in numerous jurisdictions around the world. It is regulated by the UK’s FCA, which is a tier-1 regulator. It is also regulated by Seychelles’ FSA, which is a respected regulator around the world. Finally, the broker has a license for TickMill Europe, its European entity, from CySEC. Besides being highly regulated, TickMill has received awards from peers in the sector for its exceptional platform. For instance, it received Best CFD Broker Asia 2019 from the International Business Magazine, and the Best Forex CFD Provider 2019 from Online Personal Wealth Awards.

Account Types

TickMill supports three live account types in addition to a demo account. While there are many differences between the account types, the main difference is in the initial deposit requirement. Here is a breakdown of TickMill’s account types:

Demo Account
The Demo account is offered to all new traders and it will remain open unless the user does not log in for seven consecutive days.

Classic Account
This entry-level account requires a user to make a minimum deposit of $100. Like all TickMill accounts, it is offered as a swap-free Islamic account. Spreads begin at 1.6 pips with a maximum leverage of 1:500. Classic is the only account that uses wider spreads instead of charging a commission on trades.

Pro Account
The Pro Account is also offered as a swap-free Islamic option. Users need to make a minimum deposit amount of $100 to access this account that is designed for professional traders. It comes with tight spreads in exchange for a commission of $2 per side per standard lot (100K) traded. The commission charged and the structure used are industry-standard and in line with what other STP brokers charge clients for similar services.

VIP Account
A VIP Account is also offered with a swap-free Islamic option. It is designed for high-volume traders and it requires a $50,000 minimum deposit to set up. The commission is reduced to $1 per side per standard lot (100K) trades, which makes trading highly profitable. It is a great account for high-volume professional traders.

Investment Products/Trading instruments

On TickMill, traders have access to 85 tradable products, a large chunk of what is offered on TickMill is currency pairs. There are also about a dozen CFDs, bonds, and metals. Traders also have access to cryptocurrency trading via CFDs.

Trading Platforms

Traders using TickMill get access to the popular MT4 forex trading platform as well several other trading platforms. Here is a breakdown of all the platforms offered by TickMill to traders.

MT4 is one of the most widely recognized trading platforms in the world. It is a user-friendly platform that also happens to be highly customizable. MT4 features numerous sophisticated order management tools which control positions efficiently and quickly.

The MT4 platform is a favorite of traders in the forex world. It is easy to use and comes with various enhanced charting features, indicators, and support for MQL language. With MT4, users can easily program indicators and Expert Advisors that allow them to trade the Forex market 24/5 without any human intervention.

Besides the MT4 platform, traders can now access the upgraded MT5 platform. It offers all functionality of the MT4 platform including Copy Trading, Expert Advisor integration, Trading Robots, and more. MT5 comes with over 38 integrated indicators, 21 timeframes, and multiple customizable charts. Additionally, it comes with an in-built Economic Calendar.

WebTrade is a web-based platform offered by TickMill. It does not require traders to download any software to their devices. Instead, the entire trading platform is accessible via a web browser. Traders can access all the trading instruments offered by TickMill via the browser.

MetaTrader 4 for Mac Users
MT4 was initially built for Windows devices. As a result, it cannot run natively on Mac devices. To deal with this issue TickMill has created a comprehensive guide on how to use MT4 on Mac devices.

Webinar, seminars, educational material

When it comes to educational material, TickMill has an excellent collection. One of the main education materials on TickMill is the downloadable collection of e-books. These e-books cover several areas including how to conduct technical analysis, a guide on trading costs, and more.

Besides eBooks, there is an excellent collection of webinars on TickMill. The latest webinars are uploaded to the website. For those who wish to view webinars on past topics, they can visit the TickMill YouTube Channel. Webinars are a useful tool to gain insight into how the markets work, especially for beginners. These webinars are offered in English, Arabic, Italian, and German.

Another resource that is offered by TickMill is seminars. Users are invited to attend seminars, which take place in various places around the world. During these seminars, various influential voices from around the world are invited to address the audience. There is usually a Q&A session at these seminars. During these sessions, attendees have the opportunity to ask burning questions regarding the trading world. These seminars are usually free to attend.

Video Tutorials
The video tutorials offered by TickMill are designed for absolute beginners in the trading world. These videos explain everything using simple-to-understand language with clear animations. The goal is to ensure that everyone, even those with no idea of how forex CFD trading works can gain a clear understanding of the sector.

On top of great webinars and video tutorials, TickMill simplifies the process further with infographics. These are designed to give the clearest explanation of everything regarding the trading world. Both beginner and experienced traders will find these infographics quite useful.

Forex Glossary
Finally, the platform offers a comprehensive forex glossary that breaks down all complex terms used within the forex markets.

Customer Support

Customer support is offered in English, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and many other languages. Support is offered from Monday to Friday from 7:00 – 16:00 GMT. The customer support team can also be contacted via the contact form on the platform. Additionally, users can send an email to support@tickmill.com. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours. Additionally, they can call customer support using one of the listed phone numbers.

Active Bonus and Promotions

There are several bonuses and promotions on TickMill. These are:

Welcome Bonus
New traders receive a $30 welcome bonus. Any profit a trader makes with this account is theirs to keep.

Trader of the Month
This is a monthly contest where the trader with the best results receives a $1000 reward.

Tickmill’s NFP machine
Every week, TickMill selects an instrument in the NFP. The task of traders is to guess its cost. The lucky one who gets the exact amount gets $500 in their trading account. If no one gets it right, the closest one will get an award of $200.

Get Paid to Trade!
With this promotion, traders get a rebate on their trading volume. The program has three tiers. In the first tier, traders who trade between 0-1000 lots will get $0.25 per standard lot traded.

In the second tier, those who trade 1001-3000 lots will receive $0.50 per standard lot traded.

In the third tier, those who trade 3001 and above earn $0.75 per standard lot traded.

How to open an account

Creating an account on TickMill is an easy process. Here are some quick steps to follow:

Step 1: Register
Visit the TickMill Home Page and click on “Join Us”

Fill in the required registration fields with your personal data and trading expertise in the Client Area registration.

Step 2: Verify Your Profile
Login to the Client Area and upload the required documents to verify your profile. These are the proof of identity and proof of address documents.

Step 3: Create and Fund Your Account
Open a trading account and deposit funds using one of the secure payment options supported on the platform.

Step 4: Download a Platform
Once you have an account with funds in it, you can choose one of the trading platforms to download. This could be MT4 or MT5. You can then begin your trading journey.

How to Open an Account on TickMill

TickMill is a trusted online broker that has been around since 2014. In this article, you will learn how to open an account on TickMill, and get access to their trading features. You will also get an overview of the documents needed to create an account.

Required Documents

Before opening an account on TickMill, you must be at least 18 years old. Additionally, you must be from a country where TickMill offers its services. You will also need documents that prove your identity. On TickMill, that could be your national ID, driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID. You will also need to provide documents to prove your address. This could be a bank statement, a utility bill, a mortgage statement, or a credit card statement. Once you have the documents with you, you can proceed to open an account.

Account Types

The first step to opening an account on TickMill is to understand the supported account types. These are:

  • Classic Account
  • Pro Account
  • VIP Account
  • Islamic Account
  • Demo Account

The different account types have different minimum deposits, spreads, minimum lots, commissions, and more. The account type choice will depend on your personal preference and trading strategy.

Opening An Account

Step 1

You can open an account once you have decided on the account type. To do so, visit the TickMill homepage, and click ‘Create Account’ in the top right corner.

Step 2

On the new page, pick the account type, an individual or corporate account, and click on the ‘Proceed’ button.

Step 3

On the new page, fill in your details. These include your name and date of birth. If you are a US citizen, there is also a box you need to tick for tax purposes. Once you have provided these details, click on ‘Next.’

Step 4

Provide your country of residence on the new page, and tick the box agreeing to TickMill’s privacy policy. Once you are done, click on ‘Next.’

Step 5

Provide your phone number, email, and preferred language on the new page. Once you are done, click on ‘Next.’

Step 6

Identity Documents

On the new page, you will need to provide identity documents. This could be a passport or other government-issued ID. These documents are necessary for TickMill to comply with Know Your Customer rules and anti-money laundering regulations. Once you are done with this step, click on ‘Next.’

Step 7

Trading Experience

In the new step, you will need to provide details of your financial status, including your employment status, annual income estimates, and budget. Additionally, you will be asked about your trading experience.

Providing this information might seem worrisome at first. However, this is standard procedure for most online brokers. The goal is to ensure that you understand basic financial knowledge and know the risk of online trading. Questions about your financial background, such as your annual income, are also standard. It is part of the risk assessment process by the broker to ensure you do not take on more risk than you can afford.

Once you have provided all the requested information, you must wait up to 48 hours before the details can be reviewed. After the review process, you can begin actively trading on the platform.

Funding Your Account

Once the account has been set up, and approved, you can fund it to begin trading. There are numerous supported options for depositing funds on TickMill. TickMill will offer promotions on the first deposit. Examine the options on offer carefully, and pick the right one.

When choosing the funding option, picking the right base currency is important. One reason for this is that you can cut costs. You do not have to pay the conversion fee when you use a base currency similar to your bank account. Another way to reduce the conversion fee is to open a multi-currency bank account. On TickMill, the base currencies are EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, and PLN.

TickMill Demo Account

Opening a demo account on TickMill is extremely easy. All you need is your phone number and email address. 

If you already have a registered account on TickMill, you can create a Demo Account in the Client Area. TickMill allows you to create up to seven demo accounts using a registered email address. The demo account allows you to pick the trading platform, MT4 or MT5, and whether you want a professional or retail account.

The Demo account has no time limit until you open a live account, after which the demo lasts 14 days. You can contact the broker to request an extension on the demo account. The demo account gives you access to over 180 trading instruments across six asset classes and a customizable virtual balance. You will also have access to educational material, including video tutorials, to speed up the learning process. The demo account provides access to real-time trading data, allowing you to test tools and strategies that sharpen your trading skills risk-free.

Difference Between Live and Demo Accounts

The main difference between live and demo accounts is slippage. It refers to the difference between your initial order request and execution prices. It occurs in live accounts due to price volatility in a real trading environment.

How to Deposit Funds on TickMill

Once you have set up an account on TickMill, you will have numerous options for depositing funds. You can utilize bank transfers, credit and debit cards, e-wallets or crypto. Deposits can be instant or take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account, depending on your chosen method.

Below are more supported deposit options.

Minimum Deposit Requirements

Tickmill requires a minimum deposit amount of $100 for all deposit methods. You need at least $100 to begin trading on the platform. Once you deposit, you can request to withdraw the amount, which is processed within 24 hours.

Is TickMill Safe?

TickMill is a safe and legit online broker with licenses from leading regulators globally. Being regulated means that your money is safe, and you have options for recourse if anything goes wrong. When opening your account, you will not have to pay a registration fee, and you can close the account at any time.


Opening an account on TickMill is easy, fast, and free. It is a good choice of broker for different types of traders. It provides a lot of educational material for beginners, while advanced traders will have access to a wide array of tools, including the advanced MT5 trading platform.


How Do I Open An Account on TickMill?

Opening a live trading account on TickMill will require going to the TickMill homepage, clicking the ‘Create Account’ button, and following the steps above.

What Documents Are Required to Open An Account on TickMill?

You must provide an ID and proof of address to open an account on the broker’s platforms.

How Long Does It Take To Open An Account on TickMill?

Once you submit the required documents, completing the account opening process can take a few minutes or up to 48 hours.

Is There a Minimum Deposit Requirement on TickMill?

Yes, the minimum deposit requirement for a live account on TickMill is $100.


TickMill has been around since 2014 and it is regulated by the UK’s FCA. That is a sign they are doing something right. The online broker offers its services to over 160,000 clients and is growing. Thus far, most reviews on this broker have been positive online. Its list of tradable instruments continues to grow, and it offers great fees and commissions for clients. For those looking for a respected, regulated, and reliable broker, TickMill would be a great option.