Who are the 10 most successful investors and traders in Forex trading of all time?

The ten most successful Forex traders and investors of all time are generally considered to be George Soros, Andrew Krieger, Stanley Druckenmiller, Bruce Kovner, Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Lipschutz, Urs Schwarzenbach, Michael Marcus, Joe Lewis, and Michael Steinhardt. Soros is famous for shorting 10 billion GBP in 1992, forcing the U.K. to withdraw from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and profiting USD 1 billion. Andrew Krieger joined Banker’s Trust in 1986 and was immediately rewarded with an increased capital limit of USD 700 million. One Black Monday (October 19, 1987), he shorted the New Zealand dollar at a 400:1 leverage, taking a short position larger than the entire New Zealand money supply. His trade made his company USD 300 million in profit, of which he received $3 million. Druckenmiller made a 60% return shorting the German mark in 1980. Kovner once purchased $3,000 worth of soybeans on his MasterCard and ended up earning $23,000 on the deal, saying the ordeal taught him the importance of risk management. He later founded Caxton Corporation, which generated $14 billion at its zenith.