How do money management and risk management work in Forex trading?

Money management is about minimizing your possible losses so you can stay in the game. Set a percentage of your account that you are willing to risk on each trade and do not exceed that limit. Setting a limit of 10% means that you can lose on ten trades before you get wiped out. Risk management ensures that your maximum loss adheres to the stop limits in the right place and also means that you have a trade with a good risk to reward ratio so that your investments will pay off. You can learn these vital skills on your own or learn them through an online course or trading academies. Reading reviews can help you determine if an educational program or course covers these important topics.

What economic news sites should I check daily to study the markets for Forex trading? is a great site for learning about Forex trading. Its economic calendar is very useful for staying aware of the economic news events coming down the pike. is top notch for news and in-depth financial analysis. It also offers financial radio. has excellent analysts that break down each trading pair and help you understand the fundamental and technical factors that are driving price in the Forex market.