How can you get started with Forex trading? What are the general steps to open a brokerage account?

The first step is to find a broker. Most brokers these days have demo accounts, so you can get acquainted with their trading platform. Using a demo account is a great way to learn without risking any money. Once you have signed up for a demo account and learned the ropes of Forex, the next step is to sign up for a real account. You will typically need to provide information about your identity, your e-mail address and a funding source for your account.
The best way to find a broker is through word of mouth from someone you trust. If you don’t know anyone who trades the Forex market, you could also have a look at reviews for Forex brokers. Do take reviews with a grain of salt. Some of them are fake and others are just overly cynical.
CFDs are a simpler alternative to Forex pairs that some brokers offer. These contacts for difference are simply contracts to pay and get the difference arising from a transaction